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  • Under Tight Security Republic Day In Kashmir

    SRINAGAR: Thousands of security work force were conveyed in Srinagar and other area home office of Jammu and Kashmir to guarantee a quiet Republic Day in the midst of a strike called by separatists. All projects in the valley, incorporating the headliner in Srinagar, go off gently.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

7 Simple Ways To Raise Funds For Your Startup!

It can be enormously difficult raise funds to begin you big business.  Well, there can be ways of doing that. Let’s bump into some of these ways.

 Crowd FundingIt is one of the most effective techniques for raising money.  One can do it by simply funding a project by the personal funds of the people involved.

Venture CapitalMost wealthy investors like to invest capital in those businesses, which has a long term growth perspective. Start-up businesspersons can go for venture capital to finance their business requirements. Many venture capitalists are engrossed in investing in businesses that is at early stage and have high potential for return on investment.

Bank FinancingNo surprises that one of the most common ways to raise funds for startup is bank financing. There are many new schemes available these days and government also encourages such schemes.

Angel InvestingIf you are wondering what it is? Well, Investors who are eager to invest in start-up businesses are like angles for you. Aren’t they? These investments are usually in lieu of ownership equity or convertible debt. 

Raise Funds via Winning Contests - Some contests are there, which can really offer some great fund raising opportunities to entrepreneurs. Moreover, they provide business ideas to people so that they can start their business.

Social network to raise funds-  Just connect your business with some cause and people will get excited through regular updates and activities. They will merrily send donations as you request them.

Create a website and sell advertising- Start a blog on Word Press / video on YouTube  - share some creativity that others would take pleasure in. You may get paid by Google Ad Sense or gets the payment from banner advertising networks

Are you enthusiastic about your business idea? Persuade investors and tell them that your business will be the next big thing and raise funds effortlessly.

Get the Hang of Goa! (Part 1)

What can be better than relaxing on a sandy beach with those big umbrellas, and letting your eyes follow the sun with an orange glow, slowly setting on the horizon and gentle wind is caressing your face while you lazily lie on your hammock. It is one the best feelings that you can get in this world, and there are a few places that can create a magic like this. One such place is Goa.

This place has been attracting a lot of tourists from every corner of the world for many years. But, in recent times a lot more people have started visiting this place. Well, it is because this place is for everyone. Doesn’t matter whether you want to enjoy your holidays with your family or you want have a bang with your friends, Goa offers them all.

 There are beautiful beaches everywhere. All of them bring something different. Some of them are provides you peaceful serenity of nature and some of them are full of clubs and beaches. When you talk about beaches Benaulim, Candolim and Sinquerim, Colva are a few among many wonderful landscapes.  And for the party freaks, there are clubs such as Club Cubana, Tito’s, SinQ Night Club, Cafe Mambos, Kamaki, LPK Waterfront and more.

Goa is known for clubbing. Yes, it is the USP of the place, but there is much more that one can enjoy. There is one other side of this beautiful place, which is not very famous like clubs; the walking trails across the islands.
When the sea is around, the night always brings out some magic. Same is the scenario with Goa. It is famous for its sparkling nightlife, which makes tourists to adore this place even more. There are many clubs that make you dance on incredible beats all night. And not to forget the amazing food; this is one thing that tourists always look for.

The best in Goa is that you will always get a perfect place for stay. You can get them near to the sea as you can enjoy the delicious food served in these hotels or villas, while watching sea waves, sitting in your balcony. After a long buzzing day, this can be the perfect icing on the cake. 

Monday, 5 February 2018

Chahal stuns Proteas with his maiden fifer!

The magic of wrist spin worked again as Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav's outfoxed a worn-out South African team as Indian crushed them by a thumping nine-wicket victory in the second ODI.  With is win, India again became the number one ranked ODI team in ICC rankings.

India is now 2-0 ahead in the six-match series. The home team had no clue about the spin of the two wrist spinners and got out for a trifling 118 in 32.3 overs. This is their lowest total ever at home.

Chahal ‘s  5 for 22 in 8.2 overs  is his career-best performance in ODI’s. Whereas Kuldeep was equally good as he clutched 3/20 in 6 over.

If there is anything which should be called walk in the park for the batsmen, then this was the one.  Shikhar Dhawan (51*) just enjoyed his time out in the middle and get himself a half-century where captain Kohli (46*) had another feel day in the office.,

India finished the match in just 20.3overs.

Umpires’ rigidity annoyed Sunil Gavaskar

The two umpires Aleem Dar and Adrian Holdstock took a strange call as they called for lunch after 19 overs when India only needed two runs to win. The umpires took this decision following the ICC’s rule book. On this, Sunil Gavaskar  was very critical of the rigidity of ICC’s rules.


South Africa: 118 all out in 32.2 overs

(Khayelihle Zondo 25 , Yuzvendra Chahal 5/22)

India: 119/1 in 20.3 overs

(S Dhawan 51*,Kagiso Rabada 1/24).

Sunday, 4 February 2018

GIFs in Stories: Instagram’s New Feature

For those who are Instagram freaks and like to post new stories, there is great news. Well, we are here to let you know about the Instagram new feature, which will take your Instagram experience to the next level.

Instagram is going to officially add GIF support to the stories feature. This amazing statement was made by Instagram a few days ago. It claims that Instagram users will now be able to plaster flying cheeseburgers and dancing cats on their photos/videos.

Instagram has incorporated thousands of GIF collections in the gallery. Not only this, other than GIF feature, it has announced a forthcoming feature for the users. Well, can upload different kinds of photos and videos of all sizes to stories. Well, now you don’t have to waste time while cropping images and videos to fit them to 9:16 (portrait) format.

How New Feature of Instagram actually Works?

To take the benefit of Instagram’s new feature, you just need to tap on the ‘add sticker’ button, which you will find on the top of the stories. After tapping, you can select the new GIF option, which will allow you to add a GIF file to your story. There are a plethora of options available in the library.  You just need to simply drag the most suitable one that you want on the top of photo or video. 

Most effective Equipment for Weight Loss!

Everyone wants to get fit and look good. Some of you do find time to go to gym, but there are some who find it difficult to find time for it.  Well, there are many equipments available in the market; however, every such equipment doesn’t always suit your budget.

You don’t have to worry at all as we have researched and come up with a small list of the best and most affordable fitness equipment. 

Check out the list of most used weight loss equipment:

Jump Rope: You must have tried the jump rope in your school. Well, it is time to bring those days back. The jump rope that was fun in childhood can be your fitness buddy. The best thing about jump rope is that it is affordable as you can get it a price less than $20. These are best for cardio workout and can be used anywhere. 

Bosu Ball: Find the name strange - Bosu? Well it means ‘both sides up’. The Bosu Ball challenges your balance and strength. It is easy to workout with it.  Just simply set it on the floor, and start using it like a step from the ball side. When it comes to strength exercise, use its flat side as a platform.  One can also use it for lunges, squats, and pushups. You only have to spend around $100 to get this ball.

Flat Bench: You must have tried flat bench for various gym exercises such as chest press, pullovers, shoulder press and more. However, it is also a perfect aerobic exercise tool as it can be used in place of a plyometric box, which is used for step-up and jumping exercises. 

Stability Ball: Stability ball came to the light in the late 1990s. Since then their use has only increased and they are not going out of trend any soon. It has a diameter of 45 to 75 centimeters. Well, you don’t have to worry about its usage as it is designed to hold up a lot of weight

Medicine Balls: These balls are easy to grip; hence, they serve as great equipment especially, when it comes to increasing weight to a lab exercise. These are the cheapest weightloss equipment and most effective at the same time. Just spend around $20 to $45 per ball and achieve amazing upper-body fitness.

What are you waiting for? Grab the best and most affordable weight loss equipment to stay fit and healthy.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Do you know why your Wi-Fi is slow?

For all those who use the internet, they will agree with me on one thing that nothing can be more frustrating than a slow Wi-Fi. Well, there is a reason behind everything and Wi-Fi is no different.

Have you ever tried to find out what causes your Wi-Fi to slow down? Internet speed issues can be difficult to diagnose. Check out some of the common reasons what makes your Wi-Fi slow.

Router positioning

Most people made this mistake that they assume that position doesn’t matter with Wi-Fi.  But, the truth is that if you leave your router behind some object or on the ground, your Wi-Fi signal will suffer. Therefore, it is always advised to place it as higher as possible.  By doing this, you will get increased range.

Keep one thing mind;  avoid placing the router in basement as  these areas area  are enclosed by large amount of concrete, which  lead to reduced performance.

Wireless interference

There are many wireless signals passing through home that you barely notice. Make sure that your Wi-Fi router is placed away from all these signals or waves.  Yes, your router is designed to be on a dissimilar frequency, but things such as the amount of radio noise can be the reason for interference.

Interference by Microwaves

Did your Wi-Fi started to go slow since you have bought a microwave? Yes, it can happen. Well, for those who use old router, things can be worse. The reason behind it is that the microwaves operate at 2.45 GHz frequency, which is extremely close to       Wi-Fi router’s frequency that is 2.4 GHz.

Now you know that what you need to do to make sure that Wi-Fi doesn’t get slowed down due to the above mentioned reasons. Get a fast Internet connection and make life more comfortable! 

Uber Driverless Cabs To Hit The Roads Soon!

There is great news for all you people who want the utmost privacy while traveling. You don’t have to listen to anyone or be cautious of the fact that some unknown person (driver) is noticing whatever you doing. Cheers! Driverless cars are coming soon.
Technology is one thing that keeps on getting better every day. The newest addition is the driverless cars. Yes, you read it right! Uber is going to introduce cabs that do not require human support.  

Well, like a human driver, these cabs will come to your doorstep and take you to your destination.  And guess what? You don’t have to pay much as the price will be very reasonable.

In future it may happen that most cars go without drive. These new Uber cabs are expected to make their way by the end of 2019.  It looks a bit too good to be true, but trust me on this one that Uber is working on this technology

What about the safety?

According to Eric Meyhofer (Advanced Technology Group leader), “Uber will not deploy these cars without human backup until they are proved to be safe.”

The technology will be used only once we can check the box, which means passing the robot driver’s license test,” Meyhofer added.

He also said that right now the technology is under testing stage. They are testing it on Phoenix area’s public roads.  

More than 215 test vehicles are transporting passengers in these kinds of cars with human backups in Phoenix, San Francisco Pittsburgh and Toronto.  These autonomous vehicles take a trip of around 80,000 miles every week and gather data. Till date, these vehicles have given around 50,000 paid rides.

A brief history!

It was started in 2016, when Uber started with carrying two of its employees in these autonomous vehicles. One of them was occupying the passenger seat from where he documented the vehicle’s behavior. The other person who was on the driver’s side was there in case the car needs any help.

Many improvements and additions have been made since the first trial and now the driverless car is not far away to take you different places. Now travel the way you want; it will be you and technology only.