• Anand Ahuja And Sonam Kapoor Wedding

    While Sonam Kapoor is now back to work, the performing artist is at Cannes with husband Anand Ahuja, prepared to release her mold amusement at the style mecca.


    Royal Challengers Bangalore, one of the five groups in the race for the VIVO IPL 2018 playoffs in Match 51.

  • Under Tight Security Republic Day In Kashmir

    SRINAGAR: Thousands of security work force were conveyed in Srinagar and other area home office of Jammu and Kashmir to guarantee a quiet Republic Day in the midst of a strike called by separatists. All projects in the valley, incorporating the headliner in Srinagar, go off gently.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Powered by technology, footwear will save women from molestation!

You must have heard that whenever some goons or eve teasers bother a girl, she says….”Jooti Utaru kya”, which means shall I took off my sandal to teach you a lesson by beating up with it? Well, it has gone to a whole new level now.

Girls, you don’t have to be worried about your safety at night and lonely places. Now tell your parents that let us be free because now time is changing. A 17-year-boy Siddharth Mandala has invented a device for women safety. It is not a pepper spray, not any martial art technique…it is just footwear. It will give an electric shock to the rapist or whoever is trying to do this, and also will send the.

A working girl, suppose in a multinational company can compare herself with an innocent deer who is thirsty and going for water to the river in a forest. Deer know this is dangerous because he could be caught by a wolf. But, one has to take the risk for survival. Wolf here can be compared to rapists. But unlike animals, human are blessed with the capability to know science and technology to handle problems.

 Not all men are dreadful. As it has come into the light that Siddharth Mandala from Telangana has invented a device for women safety.  He has developed rape-prevention footwear that electrocutes attacker, sends a signal to family and police. He was just 12 when he saw a horrified rape case happened. He was willing to do something good for society and which can help people.

After this case, he got his track on which he should walk. He got more protective of his mother as a child he was threatened. But now he has invented this device and not only this, he had participated in rallies, working with NGO at this age, when other boys are addicted for video games and cricket. He is also trying to …some shoe companies so that this product can be easily available in the market with various designs.

Some boys of this age are even involved in various types of drugs. And what an ideal image of men he is showing to the society .which is providing a hope to the women and their loved ones that humanity is there. If women are afraid of men, boys like Siddharth are also there to help them out.

On a funny note, chappals (footwears) are the device women always use when they want to show anger to eve-teasers, but this boy has changed the function which was needed badly in the society.

What women skull is made of that it needs no helmet!

As we proudly say that today, men and women are equal. Not only this, women are coming forward in almost all the streams of career, education and awareness about health. But when it comes to the safety of women, they are unhappy to wear a helmet while driving. Is it about the beauty and hairstyle? If yes, can we take a risk of our lives for just one hairstyle? Yes, they are not habitual of wearing helmets. But this is the time to wake up and come out of the world of ignorance.

They say women are more sincere than men. If it is so, which I think it is, they should realize the importance of safety more than men. Today’s women are independent, successful, health conscious and you can see them always talking about equality. They want equal rights, equal wages; but in case of wearing a helmet they say, ‘please excuse us, we are women, don’t be so harsh’. Any traffic rule, when it is passed, it is not gender based. It is for all, then how can women think of this overgrowing number of vehicles they are safe and men not. 

Cops distribute helmets to the ladies!

It is everyone’s duty to obey the traffic rules because this is for our safety. In Chandigarh, Traffic police are doing a great job by handing over the helmet to women free of cost; teaching them the importance of wearing helmets and giving them information about the quality of helmets.

Well, there are some women are happy and enjoying this drive. It can be noticed that some women always wanted to wear helmets as they like it and are aware of their importance. But, they were not wearing helmets as they will look different from other women. In the end, it can be said that wearing a helmet is important for everyone’s safety and we should not even wait for a rule.

One should think about his/her safety …..And, ideally, it should not be forced; rather it should be taken as a responsibility to wear a helmet.  What are you doing????..... It’s for your own safety! In any case, the rule of wearing a helmet for women is a positive step which should be caught up all over the world.

How Keke challenge made Drake’s Video number one on YouTube?

There was a time when the music industry used to take an album that it though will be a great hit and promote it. You would hear those songs on radio stations, at the club and on TV. But, dude….social media has changed it all.  These days fans decide that will become the hit. You know the power of the internet. Don’t you?

Drake released an official music video, a few days ago, with the title “In My Feelings.” Right through the video, one can see Shiggy doing his signature moves and Drake following his lead. In the latter part of the video, Shiggy gets some lines where he acts as if he is Drake’s assistant

No one can deny the popularity of Drake’s “In My Feelings.”  Do you know that is was not planned at all?

So………. how it became such a hit in no time???????

It is because of Shiggy’s, a comedian,  Instagram video where he was seen dancing along to the lyrics of Drake’s song.  Well, it was his video that made people getting out of their car and running around constantly asking, “Keke, do you love me?”

The video footage created a huge sensation.

Government agency issued a warning!

The impact of the Keke Challenge was so big that a government agency had to issue a warning that asked people “stop getting out of moving cars to dance in traffic.” Even after the warning…… The Keke is going strong everywhere and everyone is doing it.

Drake acknowledges Shiggy’s contribution in making the song viral!

Drake acknowledged that Shiggy got him a number one record late last month. For a while, that seemed to be that.

Yes, it is true that the video for “In My Feelings” may have been financed and produced by Drake; however, it is undeniably a joint project that would never has existed without the internet. And, Drake is happy to take the back seat and let the fans enjoy. 

After nailing it as ‘Sanju’, Ranbir is all set to play Kishore Kumar!

Ranbir Kapoor's acting is loved by all in the movie “Sanju” which is a biopic of the actor Sanjay Dutt. Most of the people were waiting for his movie which was a biopic of the great singer and actor Kishore Kumar. It was an ambitious project of director Anurag Basu. But unfortunately, this project was in trouble because of family members of the late Kishore Kumar…His son Amit was standing like a huge wall in front of this project.

According to Amit, nothing will be there in the film without his permission and his mother (Kishore Kumar's wife) was also not supportive of the director in this. Ranbir Kapoor and director Anurag Basu got upset with these restrictions. Younger son Sumeet Kumar’s approval was there, and Anurag has to pay a humongous amount to buy the rights for 30-35 songs from Sa Re Ga Ma (HMV).

The movie Sanju making case for bringing Kishore Kumar's biopic into the light and now people really want to see Ranbir Kapoor playing the role of India’s dearest “The Kishore Kumar”.  But why is Ranbir again in a biopic? What people think of him as changing into SanjuBaba.

If we talk about the acting of Ranbir Kapoor, he has proved himself in the movies like ‘Barfi’ and ‘Rockstar.’ Being a star’s son, he had got fame very easily from his first movie Saawariya, but today people admire his acting. He had got talent of acting and dancing. Moreover like legendary actors, he can be placed in any role it could be a comic role, a serious role, negative role anything he can do easily. This is probably the reason why Rajkumar Hirani (director of Sanju) and Anurag Basu approached him with their movies.

There is news that Anurag Basu is looking forward to his dream project and Ranbir is also excited for this movie to start. According to Kapoor, one should do justice to the role he is playing and, he also wants to do the biopic of his grandfather Raj Kapoor as he knows him very well.

Kapoor fans believe that he will do justice to every role he plays. After Sanju, now the audience is waiting for Kishore Kumar’s biopic even with more excitement 

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

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