• Anand Ahuja And Sonam Kapoor Wedding

    While Sonam Kapoor is now back to work, the performing artist is at Cannes with husband Anand Ahuja, prepared to release her mold amusement at the style mecca.


    Royal Challengers Bangalore, one of the five groups in the race for the VIVO IPL 2018 playoffs in Match 51.

  • Under Tight Security Republic Day In Kashmir

    SRINAGAR: Thousands of security work force were conveyed in Srinagar and other area home office of Jammu and Kashmir to guarantee a quiet Republic Day in the midst of a strike called by separatists. All projects in the valley, incorporating the headliner in Srinagar, go off gently.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Do you know why your Wi-Fi is slow?

For all those who use the internet, they will agree with me on one thing that nothing can be more frustrating than a slow Wi-Fi. Well, there is a reason behind everything and Wi-Fi is no different.

Have you ever tried to find out what causes your Wi-Fi to slow down? Internet speed issues can be difficult to diagnose. Check out some of the common reasons what makes your Wi-Fi slow.

Router positioning

Most people made this mistake that they assume that position doesn’t matter with Wi-Fi.  But, the truth is that if you leave your router behind some object or on the ground, your Wi-Fi signal will suffer. Therefore, it is always advised to place it as higher as possible.  By doing this, you will get increased range.

Keep one thing mind;  avoid placing the router in basement as  these areas area  are enclosed by large amount of concrete, which  lead to reduced performance.

Wireless interference

There are many wireless signals passing through home that you barely notice. Make sure that your Wi-Fi router is placed away from all these signals or waves.  Yes, your router is designed to be on a dissimilar frequency, but things such as the amount of radio noise can be the reason for interference.

Interference by Microwaves

Did your Wi-Fi started to go slow since you have bought a microwave? Yes, it can happen. Well, for those who use old router, things can be worse. The reason behind it is that the microwaves operate at 2.45 GHz frequency, which is extremely close to       Wi-Fi router’s frequency that is 2.4 GHz.

Now you know that what you need to do to make sure that Wi-Fi doesn’t get slowed down due to the above mentioned reasons. Get a fast Internet connection and make life more comfortable! 

Uber Driverless Cabs To Hit The Roads Soon!

There is great news for all you people who want the utmost privacy while traveling. You don’t have to listen to anyone or be cautious of the fact that some unknown person (driver) is noticing whatever you doing. Cheers! Driverless cars are coming soon.
Technology is one thing that keeps on getting better every day. The newest addition is the driverless cars. Yes, you read it right! Uber is going to introduce cabs that do not require human support.  

Well, like a human driver, these cabs will come to your doorstep and take you to your destination.  And guess what? You don’t have to pay much as the price will be very reasonable.

In future it may happen that most cars go without drive. These new Uber cabs are expected to make their way by the end of 2019.  It looks a bit too good to be true, but trust me on this one that Uber is working on this technology

What about the safety?

According to Eric Meyhofer (Advanced Technology Group leader), “Uber will not deploy these cars without human backup until they are proved to be safe.”

The technology will be used only once we can check the box, which means passing the robot driver’s license test,” Meyhofer added.

He also said that right now the technology is under testing stage. They are testing it on Phoenix area’s public roads.  

More than 215 test vehicles are transporting passengers in these kinds of cars with human backups in Phoenix, San Francisco Pittsburgh and Toronto.  These autonomous vehicles take a trip of around 80,000 miles every week and gather data. Till date, these vehicles have given around 50,000 paid rides.

A brief history!

It was started in 2016, when Uber started with carrying two of its employees in these autonomous vehicles. One of them was occupying the passenger seat from where he documented the vehicle’s behavior. The other person who was on the driver’s side was there in case the car needs any help.

Many improvements and additions have been made since the first trial and now the driverless car is not far away to take you different places. Now travel the way you want; it will be you and technology only.

Friday, 26 January 2018

WhatsApp for Business – a pleasant surprise for India!

For all those Indian merchants who are keenly waiting for WhatsApp for business app, it’s time to grow businesses via their Android phones. Yes, all you can easily download this app from Google Play Store.

The news comes as a surprise as it was never expected to launch in India that quick. Earlier, this new application was available for only a few countries such as US, UK, Italy, Mexico and Indonesia.

The best thing about this new app is that it uses same platform that your WhatsApp Messenger already have. Nevertheless, WhatsApp for Business has a bag full of new features such as Verified profiles - Quick Replies - Greeting Messages and more.

How to get on with WhatsApp Business App?

Well, you just need to go to the Google Play store of your Android device. After installing it, enter the contact number that you will be using for WhatsApp Business. Complete the formalities of permissions.

Step# 2: Business name 

When you are done with the process of installation and have registered your number on WhatsApp Business, it is the time to give a name to your Business account.

Step# 3: Start communicating

After setting your business name on WhatsApp Business, it is time to grow your brand as this new app redirects the user to the chat window. From here on, one can easily connect to the target audience.

Step# 4:  Provide details

The next step after setting up a merchant account on WhatsApp business is to fill some small information.  Go to settings and fill business related details such as:

Location - Business type -  E-mail address – Website -   Business hours – Business - Description

Do you have to change contact number to use it?

No, WhatsApp has already clarified that existing users will continue to use the app and there is no need change their contact number.  

What about privacy?

While using WhatsApp Business app, you will have total control over all the messages that you are going to receive as you can always block unwanted numbers from your business account.

Is there any way one can avoid spam messages?

From Business accounts, you can report messages as spam as there is option available to do so if they are found spammy kinds.

BSF's Woman's On Republic Day

All BSF's Woman’s Biking Squad Makes A Stunning Debut On Republic Day

NEW DELHI: An all-woman unexpected of the Border Security Force or BSF amazed observers with their challenging bicycle stunts amid the 69th Republic Day festivities at Rajpath. In a standout amongst the most-anticipated demonstrations of the day, the ladies constables made some dazzling developments, for example, "angle riding, side riding, faulaad, peacock and Saptarishi", that dropped jaws and drew salud. 

The BSF and the Army perform bicycle borne thrill seekers each substitute year. This time it was the BSF's turn. A sum of 113 ladies made a terrific section on 26 Royal Enfield bikes. The unforeseen drove by sub monitor Stanzin Noryang, 28, was the first-of-its-kind to perform unsafe tricks while riding 350cc bikes.

Ms Noryang didn't know how to ride a bicycle when she volunteered to be incorporated into the BSF's "Woman's thrill seeker group". Indeed, a large portion of the ladies in the unexpected couldn't ride a bicycle. However, now they can play out any thrill seeker stunt, the gladly say. 

I was terrified to ride a bicycle. Presently I can do any trick on a Bullet with 10 different riders," Ms Noryang disclosed to Vasu Sharma Google Big Bazar.




24 Jan

South Africa vs India - 3rd Test

India in South Africa, 3 Test Series, 2018

26 Jan

 England vs Australia  - 4th ODI

England in Australia, 5 ODI Series, 2018

27 Jan

 Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh - Final

Bangladesh Tri-Nation Series, 2018

28 Jan

England vs Australia- 5th ODI

England in Australia, 5 ODI Series, 2018

28 Jan

Pakistan vs New Zealand - 3rd T20I

Pakistan in New Zealand, 3 T20I Series, 2018

31 Jan

Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh - 1st Test

Sri Lanka in Bangladesh, 2 Test Series, 2018

27 Jan

Namibia Under-19 vs  Ireland Under-19- 13th Place Play-off

ICC Under-19 World Cup, 2018

27 Jan

Kenya Under-19  vs Papua New Guinea Under-19- 15th Place Play-off

ICC Under-19 World Cup, 2018

27 Jan

 New Zealand Under-19 vs South Africa Under-19 - 5th Place Play-off 1st Semi Final

ICC Under-19 World Cup, 2018

28 Jan

Canada Under-19 vs Zimbabwe Under-19  - 11th Place Play-off

ICC Under-19 World Cup, 2018

28 Jan

 England Under-19 vs Bangladesh Under-19 - 5th Place Play-off 2nd Semi Final

ICC Under-19 World Cup, 2018

28 Jan

West Indies Under-19 vs Sri Lanka Under-19 - Plate Championship Final

ICC Under-19 World Cup, 2018

29 Jan

Afghanistan Under-19A vs ustralia Under-19 - Super League SF 1

ICC Under-19 World Cup, 2018

30 Jan

T.B.C. vs T.B.C. - 7th Place Play-off

ICC Under-19 World Cup, 2018

30 Jan

India Under-19 vs Pakistan Under-19  - Super League SF 2

ICC Under-19 World Cup, 2018

31 Jan

T.B.C. vs T.B.C. - 5th Place Play off

ICC Under-19 World Cup, 2018

1 Feb

India vs South Africa - 1st ODI

3 Feb

New Zealand vs Australia  - Match 1

4 Feb

India vs South Africa - 2nd ODI

5 Feb

Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan - 1st T20I

6 Feb

Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan - 2nd T20I

7 Feb

England vs Australia  - Match 2

7 Feb

India vs South Africa - 3rd ODI

8 Feb

Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh - 2nd Test

9 Feb

Zimbabwe  vs Afghanistan- 1st ODI

10 Feb

England vs Australia- Match 3

10 Feb

India vs South Africa - 4th ODI

11 Feb

Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan - 2nd ODI

13 Feb

England vs New Zealand - Match 4

13 Feb

Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan- 3rd ODI

13 Feb

India vs South Africa - 5th ODI

15 Feb

Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka - 1st T20I

16 Feb

Australia vs New Zealand- Match 5

16 Feb

Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan- 4th ODI

16 Feb

India vs South Africa - 6th ODI

18 Feb

England vs New Zealand- Match 6

18 Feb

India vs South Africa - 1st T20I

18 Feb

Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh- 2nd T20I

19 Feb

Zimbabwe vs Afghanistan - 5th ODI

21 Feb

T.B.C. vs T.B.C. - Final

21 Feb

India vs South Africa - 2nd T20I

24 Feb

India vs South Africa - 3rd T20I

25 Feb

England  vs New Zealand - 1st ODI

28 Feb

England  vs New Zealand - 2nd ODI

1 Feb

T.B.C. vs T.B.C. - 3rd Place Play-off

3 Feb

T.B.C. vs T.B.C. - Final

1 Mar

 Australia vs South Africa- 1st Test

3 Mar

England  vs New Zealand- 3rd ODI

4 Mar

T.B.C vs  Papua New Guinea - Match 1

4 Mar

 Netherlands vs Ireland- Match 2

4 Mar

T.B.C. vs Zimbabwe - Match 3

4 Mar

Scotland vs Afghanistan - Match 4

6 Mar

  Ireland vs Papua New Guinea - Match 5

6 Mar

T.B.C. vs West Indies - Match 6

6 Mar

Afghanistan vs Zimbabwe  - Match 7

6 Mar

Hong Kong vs Scotland - Match 8

6 Mar

India vs Sri Lanka- Match 1

7 Mar

England vs New Zealand - 4th ODI

8 Mar

Papua New Guinea vs  West Indies- Match 10

8 Mar

T.B.C. vs Scotland - Match 11

8 Mar

Hong Kong vs Afghanistan - Match 12

8 Mar

T.B.C. vs Netherlands - Match 9

8 Mar

India vs Bangladesh  - Match 2

9 Mar

Australia  vs South Africa - 2nd Test

10 Mar

England vs New Zealand - 5th ODI

10 Mar

Ireland vs West Indies - Match 13

10 Mar

Netherlands vs Papua New Guinea - Match 14

10 Mar

Hong Kong vs Zimbabwe - Match 15

10 Mar

T.B.C. vs Afghanistan - Match 16

10 Mar

 Banglades hvs Sri Lanka - Match 3

12 Mar

Netherlands vs West Indies - Match 17

12 Mar

T.B.C. vs  Ireland  - Match 18

12 Mar

T.B.C. vs Hong Kong  - Match 19

12 Mar

Scotland vs Zimbabwe - Match 20

12 Mar

India vs Sri Lanka - Match 4

14 Mar

India vs Bangladesh - Match 5

15 Mar

B4 vs A5 - Play-off

15 Mar

B5 vs A5 - Play-off

15 Mar

B1 vs A1 - Super Sixes - Match 1

15 Mar

B3 vs A3 - Super Sixes - Match 2

16 Mar

B2 vs A2 - Super Sixes - Match 3

16 Mar

Bangladesh  vs Sri Lanka - Match 6

17 Mar

T.B.C. vs T.B.C. - 7/8 Place Play off

17 Mar

T.B.C. vs T.B.C. - 9/10 Place Play off

18 Mar

A2 vs B3 - Super Sixes - Match 4

18 Mar

T.B.C. vs T.B.C. - Final

19 Mar

A1 vs B2 - Super Sixes - Match 5

20 Mar

A3 vs B1 - Super Sixes - Match 6

22 Mar

England vs New Zealand - 1st Test

22 Mar

South Africa vs Australia - 3rd Test

22 Mar

B3 vs A1 - Super Sixes - Match 7

22 Mar

B2 vs A3 - Super Sixes - Match 8

23 Mar

B1 vs A2 - Super Sixes - Match 9

25 Mar

T.B.C. vs T.B.C. - Final

29 Mar

Pakistan vs West Indies - 1st T20I

30 Mar

New Zealand vs England - 2nd Test

30 Mar

Australia vs South Africa- 4th Test

31 Mar

West Indies vs Pakistan - 2nd T20I

1 Apr

 West Indies vs Pakistan - 3rd T20I

11 May

Pakistan vs Ireland - One-off Test

24 May

Pakistan vs England - 1st Test

1 Jun

Pakistan vs England- 2nd Test

6 Jun

Sri Lanka vs West Indies - 1st Test

10 Jun

England vs Scotland - One-off ODI

12 Jun

Pakistan vs Scotland  - 1st T20I

13 Jun

England vs Australia - 1st ODI

13 Jun

Pakistan vs Scotland - 2nd T20I

14 Jun

Afghanistan vs India- One-off Test

14 Jun

Sri Lanka vs West Indies - 2nd Test

16 Jun

Australia vs England - 2nd ODI

19 Jun

Australia vs England - 3rd ODI

21 Jun

Australia vs England - 4th ODI

23 Jun

Sri Lanka vs West Indies - 3rd Test

24 Jun

Australia vs England - 5th ODI

27 Jun

India vs Ireland - 1st T20I

27 Jun

Australia vs England - One-off T20I

29 Jun

India vs Ireland - 2nd T20I

3 Jul

India vs England - 1st T20I

6 Jul

India vs England - 2nd T20I

8 Jul

India vs England - 3rd T20I

12 Jul

India vs England - 1st ODI

14 Jul

India vs England - 2nd ODI

17 Jul

India vs England - 3rd ODI