Friday, 26 January 2018

WhatsApp for Business – a pleasant surprise for India!

For all those Indian merchants who are keenly waiting for WhatsApp for business app, it’s time to grow businesses via their Android phones. Yes, all you can easily download this app from Google Play Store.

The news comes as a surprise as it was never expected to launch in India that quick. Earlier, this new application was available for only a few countries such as US, UK, Italy, Mexico and Indonesia.

The best thing about this new app is that it uses same platform that your WhatsApp Messenger already have. Nevertheless, WhatsApp for Business has a bag full of new features such as Verified profiles - Quick Replies - Greeting Messages and more.

How to get on with WhatsApp Business App?

Well, you just need to go to the Google Play store of your Android device. After installing it, enter the contact number that you will be using for WhatsApp Business. Complete the formalities of permissions.

Step# 2: Business name 

When you are done with the process of installation and have registered your number on WhatsApp Business, it is the time to give a name to your Business account.

Step# 3: Start communicating

After setting your business name on WhatsApp Business, it is time to grow your brand as this new app redirects the user to the chat window. From here on, one can easily connect to the target audience.

Step# 4:  Provide details

The next step after setting up a merchant account on WhatsApp business is to fill some small information.  Go to settings and fill business related details such as:

Location - Business type -  E-mail address – Website -   Business hours – Business - Description

Do you have to change contact number to use it?

No, WhatsApp has already clarified that existing users will continue to use the app and there is no need change their contact number.  

What about privacy?

While using WhatsApp Business app, you will have total control over all the messages that you are going to receive as you can always block unwanted numbers from your business account.

Is there any way one can avoid spam messages?

From Business accounts, you can report messages as spam as there is option available to do so if they are found spammy kinds.


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