Thursday, 17 May 2018

Why getting out on zero called ‘Duck’ in Cricket?

You must have heard that commentators saying ‘he got out on duck’, when a batsman gets out on zero. Do you know why? Have you ever tried to know the reason behind it? Well, if you really want to know the mystery behind this world then keep on reading this write-up.

There is an interesting story behind the usage of this word in cricket. On July 17, 1866, the price of Wales, Edwards 7, got out on zero while playing cricket. A famous newspaper wrote “prince retired to the royal pavilion on a “Duck’s egg.”  The reason that Zero looks like a duck’s egg, made the newspaper put it across in a creative way.

After this incidence, people started to use this world in test cricket.  As time moved on, ‘Duck’s Egg’ became duck and till date it is the world used when someone gets out on zero. However, in Oxford Dictionary ‘Duck’s Egg’ is the word that is used for zero.

Who was the first person to get out on a duck?
The first duck in the test match cricket was made in the match between Australia and England held in Melbourne in 1877. In this match, Edward James "Ned" Gregory got out on zero and it was said that he got out on a duck.  

Who got out on duck the most?
This infamous record is held by the West Indian legend ‘Courtney Walsh’ who got out on zero 43 times.

Who is called Bombay duck?
Former Indian cricketer, All-rounder, Ajit Agarkar, called ‘Bombay Duck’ because he got out on 7 consecutive ducks against Australia.

Golden Duck, Diamond Duck and a Pair!
Do you now there are terms like ‘Golden Duck’ and ‘Diamond Duck’ in cricket?  For those who don’t know the meaning of these terms, we must tell you that when a batsman gets out on first ball that he faces then it is called “Golden Duck.” If he gets out on the second ball then it is called “Silver Duck” and “Bronze Duck,” if he gets out on the third ball. As far as “Diamond Duck” is concerned, it is the dismissal on the first ball of the innings. And when a batsman gets out on the zero in both innings, it is called a Pair.

Who made most ducks for India?
Zaheer Khan for India holds the record for most ducks with 29 scores of zero.  But, more surprisingly  the master blaster ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ holds the record for most ODI ducks for India with 20 scores of zero. Well, he played 463 matches, which is 30 matches less than the world record holder Sanath Jayasuriya who got made 34 ducks in 433 matches.


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