Thursday, 9 August 2018

How Keke challenge made Drake’s Video number one on YouTube?

There was a time when the music industry used to take an album that it though will be a great hit and promote it. You would hear those songs on radio stations, at the club and on TV. But, dude….social media has changed it all.  These days fans decide that will become the hit. You know the power of the internet. Don’t you?

Drake released an official music video, a few days ago, with the title “In My Feelings.” Right through the video, one can see Shiggy doing his signature moves and Drake following his lead. In the latter part of the video, Shiggy gets some lines where he acts as if he is Drake’s assistant

No one can deny the popularity of Drake’s “In My Feelings.”  Do you know that is was not planned at all?

So………. how it became such a hit in no time???????

It is because of Shiggy’s, a comedian,  Instagram video where he was seen dancing along to the lyrics of Drake’s song.  Well, it was his video that made people getting out of their car and running around constantly asking, “Keke, do you love me?”

The video footage created a huge sensation.

Government agency issued a warning!

The impact of the Keke Challenge was so big that a government agency had to issue a warning that asked people “stop getting out of moving cars to dance in traffic.” Even after the warning…… The Keke is going strong everywhere and everyone is doing it.

Drake acknowledges Shiggy’s contribution in making the song viral!

Drake acknowledged that Shiggy got him a number one record late last month. For a while, that seemed to be that.

Yes, it is true that the video for “In My Feelings” may have been financed and produced by Drake; however, it is undeniably a joint project that would never has existed without the internet. And, Drake is happy to take the back seat and let the fans enjoy. 


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