Thursday, 9 August 2018

Powered by technology, footwear will save women from molestation!

You must have heard that whenever some goons or eve teasers bother a girl, she says….”Jooti Utaru kya”, which means shall I took off my sandal to teach you a lesson by beating up with it? Well, it has gone to a whole new level now.

Girls, you don’t have to be worried about your safety at night and lonely places. Now tell your parents that let us be free because now time is changing. A 17-year-boy Siddharth Mandala has invented a device for women safety. It is not a pepper spray, not any martial art technique…it is just footwear. It will give an electric shock to the rapist or whoever is trying to do this, and also will send the.

A working girl, suppose in a multinational company can compare herself with an innocent deer who is thirsty and going for water to the river in a forest. Deer know this is dangerous because he could be caught by a wolf. But, one has to take the risk for survival. Wolf here can be compared to rapists. But unlike animals, human are blessed with the capability to know science and technology to handle problems.

 Not all men are dreadful. As it has come into the light that Siddharth Mandala from Telangana has invented a device for women safety.  He has developed rape-prevention footwear that electrocutes attacker, sends a signal to family and police. He was just 12 when he saw a horrified rape case happened. He was willing to do something good for society and which can help people.

After this case, he got his track on which he should walk. He got more protective of his mother as a child he was threatened. But now he has invented this device and not only this, he had participated in rallies, working with NGO at this age, when other boys are addicted for video games and cricket. He is also trying to …some shoe companies so that this product can be easily available in the market with various designs.

Some boys of this age are even involved in various types of drugs. And what an ideal image of men he is showing to the society .which is providing a hope to the women and their loved ones that humanity is there. If women are afraid of men, boys like Siddharth are also there to help them out.

On a funny note, chappals (footwears) are the device women always use when they want to show anger to eve-teasers, but this boy has changed the function which was needed badly in the society.


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